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The Civilization V demo will be out sometime soon, probably

by: Nathan -
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Here's some "non-news" news from 2K Games (via shacknews). There has been an announcement on the community section of the Civilization V official site stating:
"Many of you have written on the forums and emailed in questions about whether or not there will be a public demo for Civilization V.

Well, today I am excited to get to tell you that yes, there will be!

The demo will be released in September, before the full game is released. More details about what will be available in the demo, as well as the exact release date are coming soon, so stay tuned!"

As the release date is September 21st, I would venture a guess that the demo will be available sometime in the first week of September. Until then, you can sate your Civ thirst with some impressions.

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