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Be a part of Saints Row 3

by: John -
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Ashley Ames lived with roommates who lost their house to a fire. Her roommates made it out, but Ashely was burned on over 80% of her body. She fought hard but sadly lost her battle and past away on July 6th.

Steve Jaros, senior writer for Saint's Row, lives in the same neighborhood  as Ashley and his wife is a burn survivor. While he doesn't know Ashley, the story hit Steve hard and he's doing something to help pay for the medical bills that Ashely's family accumulated.

There's going to be an auction for a bit part in Saint's Row 3 as a pedestrian and while you currently have to find your own way to Volition's office if you win, there might be something that can be done if the bidding gets high enough. I, personally, love seeing the industry reach out and help those in need and Steve is doing it even though he doesn't know Ashley at all.  Great job Steve and the folks at Volition and let's hope you get a great bid for your awesome prize.

Thanks Kotaku.