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Want NBA Jam for the PS3 or Xbox 360? You have to buy NBA Elite.

by: John -
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While we got news that NBA Jam was heading to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, we all thought it would just be a separate purchase either as an online purchase or through some retail outlet. Not so as ESPN reports the only way to get NBA Jam for those two systems is to buy NBA Elite.

Now there's good and bad points to this. You are getting two games for the price of one here so picking up NBA Elite for $60 will net you both games for a nice price. The bad thing is, of course, you can't just purchase NBA Jam exclusively in case you don't want NBA Elite. I'm on the fence of purchasing Elite but would've liked the opportunity to purchase NBA Jam by itself.

Oh who am I kidding. The way the NBA season is shaping up, I'm going to be purchasing neither one because of how the Lebron James fiasco turned out.