Metro 2033 DLC prepares to drop

by: Jeremy -
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Quite a while back, THQ and 4A Games announced the Ranger Pack for the PC and Xbox 360 versions of Metro 2033. The first DLC for their impressive shooter (which you can read our review of here) adds two new modes to the game, Ranger Mode and Ranger Hardcore. Both modes will substantially increase the difficulty of the game by reducing the amount of ammunition found throughout your adventure, though the effectiveness of your bullets will be increased. The Hardcore mode takes things a step further though and completely removes your HUD from the game, making it pretty “life-like”.

Along with the new modes will com a slew of new achievements tied to the content. The Ranger Pack will launch tomorrow, August 3, 2010 for both systems. The addition is coming as a free update to users who have purchased the game through Steam but will cost 240 Microsoft points on the 360. While it is sad that they are charging for one platform and giving it away free on the other, they are at least keeping the price point extremely reasonable.

Source: Joystiq