What are the Jordan Challenges?

by: Jeremy -
More On: NBA 2K11
Chuck brought us news of the new Jordan Challenge that will be included in the upcoming NBA 2K11... now lets get the details of exactly what those are. 2K has since released a list of the 10 Jordan Challenges that will appear in the game. Each challenge highlights a specific moment / situation in MJ’s career. The full list was detailed by Joystiq and consists of the following:

1. The Arrival: Jordan made his mark with this 63 point playoff game against a heavily favored Celtics team; April 20, 1986, versus the Boston Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs. There are two goals for the player(s) to complete: score 63 or more points and shoot higher than 50% from the field.

2. 69 Points: This time Jordan gets the win by dropping 69 points and putting a dent in the Cavaliers' playoff plans; March 28, 1990, versus the Cleveland Cavaliers. This challenge consists of 3 goals: score 69 or more points, shoot more than 50% from the field, and win the game.

3. Shootout: Jordan and Dominique Wilkins face off in some of the all-time greatest scoring performances of the era; 1990 NBA season, versus the Atlanta Hawks. This challenge will require you to score more than the Hawks’ Human Highlight Film, Dominique Wilkins, while holding him to less than 25 points. Oh, and you have to win the game.

4. Bad Boys: Jordan showed the Pistons and the world that no defensive strategy could stop him for long; May 26, 1990, versus the Detroit Pistons in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. To complete this challenge, you will need to score 47 points or more and win the game.

5. 1991 NBA Finals: Jordan silenced the doubters by coming back from a game one embarrassment to thrash the Lakers in these Finals; June, 1991 in a Finals series against the Los Angeles Lakers. This challenge requires you to play a best of 7 series against the Los Angeles Lakers and average 31 or more points, shoot more than 55% from the field, and win the series.

6. The Shrug: Just to prove a point, Jordan sets the tone for the series by dominating the first half of this first Finals game; June 3, 1992, game 1 of the NBA finals versus the Portland Trailblazers. This challenge involves quite a few requirements. First off, players must score 35 or more points in the first half of the game while making 6 or more three point shots. You will also be required to hold Clyde “The Glide” Drexler to less than 20 points and win the game.

7. Double Nickel: After a stint with the bat, Jordan returns to New York to tear up the Knicks for 55 points and an unforgettable pass; March 18, 1995, versus the New York Knicks. Players will need to score 55 or more points, shoot more than 55% from the field, and win the game.

8. Father’s Day Victory: Michael ran the table over the entire league but this fourth title would prove to be just as special as his first; June 16, 1996, Game 6 of the NBA Finals versus the Seattle Supersonics. Players will need to score 22 or more points, grab 9 or more rebounds, and win the game.

9. The Flu Game: A very ill Jordan still manages to both dominate the game and hit the winning shot in the last few seconds; June 11, 1997, Game 6 of the NBA Finals versus the Utah Jazz. Gamers will need to score 38 or more points, grab 7 or more rebounds, and win the game.

10. Michael’s Last Dance: With one final resounding shot, Jordan seals both his legacy and the fate of the Jazz's championship hopes; June 14, 1998, Game 6 of the NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz. Players must score 45 or more points, accumulate 4 or more steals, and win the game.

Sounds pretty intriguing... I wonder if the difficulty of these games is pre-set or not. It would also be pretty interesting if the Flu Game involved having your stats reduced for the game. NBA 2K11 launches on October 5, 2010.