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So, NBA Jam Wii does have online...

by: Jeremy -
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One of the features that has not been officially mentioned for the upcoming rebirth of NBA Jam on the Nintendo Wii is online multiplayer. While it would make perfect sense for such a mode to be included, EA has not mentioned its inclusion yet in the game... until now.

In a quote from Electronic Arts’ Trey Smith, who is the creative director of the EA Sports branch, the mode has been confirmed as existing. According to a quote from Smith, “I played the online mode recently and it’s still clunky, so we’ve got two guys working very hard to get it perfect.”

Hopefully they can get all of the bumps worked out before the October release date, because we are awfully close to the launch. I am glad to hear that the mode is being considered, but I am concerned that we are just over two months from the release date and it is yet to function correctly. Perhaps he was / is referring to the PS3 / 360 versions of the game that “don’t” exist.

Source: GoNintendo