HDMI/HDCP ICT Flag to not be activated until 2010/2012?

by: Chuck -
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Boing Boing has an interesting scoop this morning.  According to them the major motion picture studios are going to hold off on implementing the ICT (Image Constraint Token) until 2010/2012 to let consumers catch up with the technology.  This is kind of important to gamers because the smaller configuration PS3 lacks an HDMI output port on the back.  It's also a bit of a ruse for the manufacturers as it allows them to get the technology adopted and then flip the switch that activates all of the digital rights management stuff embedded in the technology. 

Next Generation has some more information on the subject as well.

One thing that is interesting to me is that everyone is assuming that the HDMI port is required to play Blu Ray movies but according to my contact at Sony the HDMI-less PS3 will still be able to play movies at 1080p without breaking a copyright infringing/downsizing the image sweat.