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DC Universe collector's edition, pre-ordering, beta details, and The Joker

by: John -
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Well, it seems like it's been a long time coming but we are ever inching closer to a launch of DC Universe Online.So, with that here are some new details from Sony Online coming on what we can expect.

First up, the collectors' edition will be available for pre-order and at launch containing a statue of Batman, a limited edition Art of DCUO book, and a DC Universe Online: Legends issue 0 comic. The statue is from a concept by Jim Lee, who's a really awesome comic book artist if you don't know him. Always did enjoy his Wolverine designs. This special edition is for the PC version only, sorry PlayStation 3 folks.

Pre-order people can play as one of the iconic characters in a two-on-two PvP area. No word on the list but they did mention Batman as being one. I'm guessing the rest of the Justice League will be available but we should know more on the details in the future. If you want to do a pre-order digitally, Steam and Direct2Drive will be offering the game early with Steam customers getting Bane's Venom Injector and D2D players getting Mr. Freeze's Zero grenade.

Finally, if you want to try the beta, head on over to and register for the beta access.

And before I leave, here are images of The Joker in the game for you guys to check out.

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment announced several early-bird initiatives video gamers can get their hands on for their upcoming action MMO game, DC Universe Online:

PC Collector’s Edition

Available for pre-order and at launch, a Collectors Edition of DC Universe Online will be available for PC only, and includes a statue of the Batman, concepted by reknowned comic book artist/executive creative director for the game, Jim Lee. The statue depicts the Dark Knight leaping from a building, ready to rain justice down on evildoers. The Collectors Edition also includes a limited edition Art of DCUO book, which includes 56 pages of the art, information on the making of the game and insight on some of the iconic characters players will encounter, plus a limited edition DC Universe Online: Legends Issue #0 comic, written by Tony Bedard (Green Lantern Corps) and illustrated by Oliver Nome, Michael Lopez and Livio Ramondelli with a variant cover by Jim Lee.

Retailer Pre-Order Programs

Several major retailers will be offering pre-order perks to customers, all of them including the ability to play as one of the DC Universe’s iconic characters, Batman! Players will be able to play as the Dark Knight in an exclusive two-on-two (Player-vs.-Player) combat arena. Some participating retailers will include the limited edition comic with pre-orders, and some participating retailers will include a unique in-game iconic weapon for player characters.

For a list of participating retailers and to pre order the game, click on the Pre-Order button at

Digital Download Pre-Order
The PC version of DC Universe Online is also available for pre-order via Steam® and Direct2Drive® (D2D). Steam customers will receive Bane’s Venom Injector as a pre-order item, while D2D users will get Mr. Freeze’s Zero Grenade.

Beta Registration Opens

Beta registration also opens today! Potential superheroes and villains can now register for a chance to get in the beta and flex their muscles, helping to fine tune the game for launch this November! To register for beta access, visit the game website and click on the beta registration link.
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