Don’t worry, Call of Duty will remain free to play

by: Jeremy -
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Yesterday morning, a huge rumor broke out on the net regarding Activision planning to begin charging fees in order to access the multiplayer features of Call of Duty games. It was being stated that this policy could begin as soon as this November with the Black Ops installment from Treyarch. Both Infinity Ward and Treyarch have stepped up to the plate in order to quickly debunk these rumors. Representatives from both companies have address the rumor(s) directly via Twitter over night.
The statements were given as follows:

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling: “For the record, nobody has to pay to play COD or MW2 multiplayer, nor will they.”

Treyarch’s Josh Olin: “No, you will not have to ‘Pay to Play’ #CODBlackOps Multiplayer either. Rumor -> Squashed.”

We can all calm down now and stop worrying... no one is taking our free multiplayer away. Game on.