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Even the Old Spice dude likes Gears of War…

by: Jeremy -
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This is pretty funny…

Have you seen the recent advertisement campaign Old Spice has been running? You probably have as they involve former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa, shirtless, explaining how anything is possible when one uses Old Spice shower gel. The commercials are pretty funny and have become incredibly popular in the internet world. Recently Mustafa began fielding celebrity questions via Twitter to coincide with the marketing campaign to create more of a viral buzz and has been responding to them in character on the Old Spice website.

One of the questions shown on the site happens to be from Epic Games’ own Cliffy B. Cliff posed the following question on his Twitter account:

"@OldSpice Do you do everything with your shirt off? Like, drive to the supermarket? Because I usually do."

Check out the official response below:


It is pretty cool to see the gaming world get acknowledgment and recognition from another industry like this… kudos to Old Spice and Cliffy B!