Wal-Mart offering free stuff to pre-order a Kinect bundle

by: Dan -
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Wal-Mart just announced that they are taking pre-order for Microsoft’s Kinect from now until July 23rd and they are willing to give you a $30 gift card and a free Kinect game to do so. However, there is a huge catch in that the package is priced at $199. The current price for a standalone Kinect accessory is $149.99 as seen at Microsoft’s own store. However, Wal-mart is essentially giving you a $30 eGift card for Walmart.com and $10 off a game to get you to pre-order it through them, which isn’t a bad deal considering you won’t buy the thing without something to play on it.

One other tidbit is final confirmation of the initial retail cost of Kinect games, as Wal-Mart has four titles listed (Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, Kinect Dance Central and Kinect Joy Ride) at $59.96 on the pre-order page.

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