Older iPod Touch and iPhones getting closer to their max shelf life for gaming?

by: Dan -
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While I was going through my e-mail the other day, I came across a press release for a game that will soon be hitting the Apple App Store. While it was a normal release in most senses, there was one thing that caught my eye that I was not surprised to see.

The minimum specs for the game in question (I won’t name it here) basically eliminated every iPod Touch 2nd Gen and older, 3rd Gen 8GB Touch and all iPhone’s prior to the 3GS from being able to play it. While this is not unexpected with the natural progression of the OS for the Apple devices, it is a bit of a surprise that less than two years into the life of the iPod Touch 2nd Gen (and one for the 3rd Gen Touch) and iPhone 3G, their hardware configuration has already been eliminated as options by some game developers.

Based on what I read, the processor is probably the culprit in the older devices and 3rd Gen 8GB Touch. My guess is that it simply cannot handle the new games or there is concern that the games could cause them to overheat and possibly take out the devices screens. Either way, it may be time for me to upgrade my iPod Touch later this year.