Lebron in his new duds...

by: Dan -
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I'm a fun guy that likes to jab my friends (and frenemies) in the ribs from a distance with that proverbial 10-foot poll. So I was happy to see in my mailbox last night (courtesy of NBA 2K11 and our friends at 2K Sports) a rendered image of King James in his new Miami Heat Uni. This one is especially dear to me heart, because it allows me to stick it a bit to my good buddy John (who is was? a huge Cavs fan) as well as those fans of sports teams from the mistake by the lake.

A couple of nuggets that transpired between myself and my Facebook friends on Thursday after Lebron jilted them more or less tell the whole story:

"That glow from NE Ohio isn't fireworks..."

And my personal favorite:

"The fans of Cleveland might as well riot tonight with Lebron leaving, because they sure wont get the chance to riot because the Cavs win a NBA Championship..."
On a side note, the look Lebron has in the rendered image below is probably the one he will be flashing every time he steps out of his car when he heads back home to NE Ohio....