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Kaz promises 15 titles at launch

by: Chuck -
Sony head honch Kaz Hirai has told news sources that he expects for the PS3 to have fifteen titles available at launch (the Xbox 360 was supposed to have 20 but ended up with only 18 after Elder Scrolls:Oblivion and Dead or Alive 4 slipped).  That number might be on the high side as reps from Sega and THQ aren't exactly happy with the dev kits they've received so far but then again the folks at Ubi, Activision, and EA are quite happy with what they've gotten so far.  We probably won't know for a few more months exactly which titles will be launch titles but from what I saw at E3 I would expect to see Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Full Auto 2, Resistance:Fall of Man, Madden 07, and the new Warhawk game all to be available when the system hits store shelves on November 17th.