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Best of E3 thoughts

by: Chuck -
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John sent me a text message as we were leaving the show this afternoon asking me which title I thought was the best and after thinking about it for a while I have to say Mass Effect from Bioware resonated the most strongly from me.  I always hate comparing one game to another but in my current sleep deprived state I'm going to use it as a crutch and say it's a mix of Jade Empire, KOTOR, Oblivion, with a dash of Galactic Civilizations 2 tossed in for spice.  Bioware's new take on on the dialogue tree alone would sell the game but the squad based system and scope and plot of the game just flesh the game out even further. 

Following in short order behind Mass Effect would be Irrational's Bioshock.  For pure atmosphere and mood this was one of the best games out there and I'm interested to see how the game develops.

I was also really impressed with the new Warhawk game as they really did a good job of integrating the new controller technology into the game vs. just making it a technology demonstration.  It's even more impressive if you consider the fact that it seems like the developers only learned of the technology a few weeks ago. 

Rounding out the top ten eleven would be Gears of War, CHROMEHounds, Supreme Commander, Star Trek Legacy, The Witcher, Battlefield 2142, Marvel Alliance, and Quake Wars in no particular orrder.  I don't have any Wii games or the system on my list because I didn't not feel that spending one quarter of my show time in one line was a good use of my limited show time.  Resident Nintendo fanboy Sean Colleli's feet have finally touched the ground after playing the unit for some time this morning so you can take that as a seal of approval if you want.  I'll delve a little more into the hows and whys later this weekend along with a full report of what ended up being MMO Friday.
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