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E3 2010: Mortal Kombat- let the speculation begin

by: Jeremy -
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I will be honest, I was really hoping for a lot more information regarding Netherrealm Studios new version of Mortal Kombat to flow out of this year’s E3. The big reveal trailer last week hit and the news had pretty much stayed quiet since.

In an interview with IGN this week, Ed Boon made some statements that should give true Mortal Kombat fans hope for the reboot / new game. When asked about the inclusion of things such as Friendships or Babalities, Ed boon replied:

"Certainly this Mortal Kombat game we're taking a little bit more seriously, so we're probably not going to have a friendship move and whatnot," says Ed, "but if we were to do something like that we're definitely not going to document it. That's what I think was part of the fun of the old games. 'You turned the guy into a baby!' What? Or, 'you pulled out a rainbow'! What the? It's such an odd thing. We really want these events – if they happen – to be almost rumors. That's a big part of what Mortal Kombat was. The question mark about - what else is in this game?"”

That is exactly what I have been ranting and raving about to personal friends for years. What ever happened to the days when games actually had secrets for you to discover; now days everything about a game is revealed in a strategy guide weeks before the title even hits the store. If Ed Boon has his way, that won’t happen with Mortal Kombat. Now, if he can just keep the ESRB from spoiling things (content wise).

In order to fuel some speculation about the game, note the screenshot below which depicts the current character selection screen (courtesy of TRMK.org) , as seen in the build of the game shown at E3. I had a different shot of the screen in a news posting yesterday, but you couldn’t see as much as you can with this one. I notice that there are 26 slots on the screen and one labeled DLC. Obviously, Boon and company plan on utilizing downloadable content to further expand the roster of the game long after release. Who could fill in the other 18 of those 26 slots though? Your thoughts?