E3 2010: Driver- San Francisco info and trailer

by: Jeremy -
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Ubisoft showed off the next installment in the Driver series this week with Driver: San Francisco. The title is being developed for the Xbox 360, Playstation3, and PC. A ste title using the Driver license is also in development for the Nintendo Wii.

The new game picks up shortly after Driv3r left off, following the continuing saga of Tanner and Jericho. There are two major changes to the series that will be introduced with the new game. The first is the inclusion of licensed vehicles. this time around, Driver will include 120 different real world, licensed cars to drive. You will see the likes of the Fiat 500s, Porsche 911, Bugatti Zondas, and many others.

The other major addition to the game is in terms of the gameplay with the new addition of “shifting”. Shifting is a new maneuver that allows the player to switch vehicles on the fly by targeting them with a reticule and pressing the executing the shift command (on the controller). The player will immediately assume control of not only the targeted vehicle, but of the individual driving it. It sounds odd but it is all said to be tied into the storyline.

Driver: San Francisco will be available this coming Holiday season but you can check out Ubisoft’s teaser trailer for the game below: