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E3 2010: Dead Space 2 info (release date), screens, and trailer

by: Jeremy -
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Dead Space 2 is a game that is high on many gamers list for anticipated titles coming out of E3. Unfortunately, the game is still a little ways off and won’t be launching until January 25, 2011. Don’t be too sad about the wait though, as EA and visceral are going to try their best to make sure that the game is worth the wait.

The fans that will likely be rewarded the most for waiting will be those who check out the exclusive PlayStation 3 Limited Edition of the game. This special edition of the game will include a copy of the PSN-port of Dead space Extraction, but also complete PlayStation Move support.

Unfortunately, at this time at least, it looks as though 360 gamers will have to settle for just the standard edition of the game. EA has released some new screenshots and a new trailer for the game:

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