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E3 2010: NBA Jam info and trailer

by: Jeremy -
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<insert infamous series catchphrase here>

I could have started this posting with one of many of the famous phrases uttered by the announcer of NBA Jam, but that wouldn’t be original. NBA Jam from EA brings back the classic arcade basketball franchise to a new generation on the Nintnedo Wii this coming October.

Everything that you know and love from the original game(s) is being updated and brought back with a shiny new look. The new version of the game will include the same, frantic 2 on 2 action that made the original popular. While the rosters and the look of the game have been updated, all of the play mechanics from the original are returning. Once again, NBA Jam will be all about lightning passes, over the top dunks, and of course knocking your opponents to the floor to get the rock.

In order to appease fans of motion controls, the game includes an all new control scheme that utilizes the Wiimote and nunchuck’s motion abilities. Players simply need to flick the Wiimote upwards to launch into a jump shot or dunk, and thing swing it back down to either relase the ball or slam it home. For those of you who prefer the classic way of playing, you can plug in a classic controller and use the original control setup as well.

In addition to including the classic mode(s) of play, NBA Jam will also be receiving some new modes to give it some new life. The all new season mode allows players to progress through the ranks of the NBA and even includes 1 on 1 boss battles with some of the NBA elite. Boss battles are said to be limited to half court games in order to ensure the 1 on 1 feel.

EA is also saying that the new version of the game will be packed to the brim with secrets and guest players, just like the original. The game includes the same “initials" based system of settign up your character, so you can bet that some classics will return like the Phoenix Suns’ Gorilla and Benny the Bull. I am still willing to put money on Barack Obama being in the game.

The game is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Wii and will launch in just a couple of months. Check out the newest trailer for the game: