E3 2010: Epic Mickey details, screens, and trailer

by: Jeremy -
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Warren Spector finally unveiled Epic Mickey at Nintendo’s E3 press conference yesterday. Rumors had circulated in the past that the title would be released on multiple platforms, but that is not the case as Epic Mickey is officially a Nintendo Wii exclusive. The game will luanch this coming Holiday season and set players off on an adventure through the Wasteland.

The Wasteland is a place where long forgotten Disney characters are sent off to live; everything appeared to be fine until a certain little, famous Mouse appears in the world. Utilizing a combination of both paints and paint thinner, Mickey Mouse will wield a magic brush and travel through numerous different zones and environments based on classic Disney cartoons.

The game is sounding a lot like a return (quality wise) to the great Disney-themed platform games from the past, like Mickey Mouse in the Castle of Illusion. You can check out a few screenshots and the reveal trailer below: