Donkey Kong is returning to Wii

by: Sean Colleli -
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So THIS is what Retro Studios has been working on since Metroid Prime 3 released in 2007. To be honest I was a bit disappointed to hear they were developing Donkey Kong Country Returns at first but once I saw the footage from Nintendo's press conference this morning, nostalgia kicked in and now I can't wait for this game. I think it's great that Retro is working on this--while the rest of Nintendo has been slamming out party games Retro has been toiling away on something purely old school. I have some very fond memories of Rare's DK Country titles back in the day, and it looks like Retro has recreated that magic with a barrelfull of clever new ideas.

It's still a 2D sidescroller but there will be places where you can jump between the foreground and background with a trusty barrel blast. There are plenty of bananas to collect and the levels look very dynamic and fast for a platformer, far beyond even what New Super Mario Bros. did last winter. We'll be getting DK Country Returns this holiday, and to my surprise it's one of the game's I'm most excited about this year.