E3 2010: Xbox 360 Slim- what you need to know

by: Jeremy -
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In case you were hiding in a cave for the last 24 hours, you should know that there is a new version of the Xbox 360 on its way to stores as we speak. The Xbox 360 slim was unveiled yesterday at Microsoft’s E3 press conference and is already shipping to retailers. You will be able to find the new model in stores by this weekend.

All of the rumors that leaked out regarding the remodeled system proved to be true. The new system boasts a sleek new black design as well as built in WiFi and a 250GB hard drive. The new box is also said to be “whisper quiet” which would be a nice change of pace from the old machine(s). The other key point listed for the system was that it was”Kinect ready”. What does that mean? Weren’t all 360 systems compatable with Kinect? Well, technically, yes they are. The main difference between the old and new systems is that older systems will require a seperate power cable to supply the Kinect peripheral with its juice. The new 360’s on the other hand, have an exclusive port on the system that will provide the camera with both the connection and the power it needs to function.

As for the “old” 360 models, those have officially been discontinued. No more units resembling the original 360 style will be produced or shipped from Microsoft. If you plan on upgrading to the new model, Microsoft’s previously released data transfer cables will be required in order to migrate your information to the new hard drive. They aren’t giving those cables away any more though, and they have not been doing so for a while. The transfers cables will now be offered for $19.99.

As I said earlier, you can find the new system in stores nationwide this coming weekend. The new model will sell for $299.99. Check out some shots of the redesign below:

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