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DRM for Witcher 2 has a mission statement?

by: Nathan -
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It seems a little odd for a developer or publisher to be completely upfront, not to mention lenient, with their DRM policy but CD Projekt RED has been very forth coming. Due to certain rumblings in the game community they've released a couple statements on their forums showing fans of the series what their internal policy is and how their top guys feel about restricting access to games. In short, CD codes should be enough and restricting access to a game with an online connection, a single PC, and/or a certain number of installations is not the appropriate action to get gamers to buy the retail version. CD Projekt RED will instead be focusing on getting the purchasers of their software the latest patches and content; making the retail experience more attractive than pirating a copy of their games. This applies specifically to The Witcher 2 but I'm hoping that one day this type of attitude will be shared with the majority of developers and publishers of PC videogames.

CD Projekt RED - DRM policy

In response to recent unofficial statements regarding a DRM solution for The Witcher 2, Adam Kiciński, CEO of CD Projekt RED, offered the following comment: “Given the concerns expressed by players and growing media speculation, we have decided to make public our internal DRM policy (click HERE
to read the policy). Although we are the game’s developer, we obviously won’t be making a unilateral decision on the DRM protection that is applied to The Witcher 2. Nevertheless, our internal rules and guidelines should reassure players. As the game’s developer, we will strive to do everything in accordance with our stated policy.I would also like to inform all of our fans that no decisions have yet been made as to whether The Witcher 2 will feature DRM protection or what form it might take. As per our policy, we will do our utmost to prevent the adopted DRM solution, if any, from making life difficult for those who acquire legal game copies. I can’t imagine using any protection that would deprive game fans of any of the pleasure that will come from playing the game, as has been the case with other notable PC game titles,” said Adam Kiciński, CEO of CD Projekt RED.
To read more of what CD Projekt executives have said about DRM protection as an issue, click HERE