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Sherlock Holmes Osborne House website is live

by: Sean Colleli -
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Focus is doing a good bit of promotion for Sherlock Holmes and The Mystery Of Osborne House, their upcoming DS game featuring the most famous detective. They just launched a new website for the game, which you can find here. This game isn't a port from one of the older Holmes games so the story, design and new characters were made specifically for the platform. So far the game looks like it skews more toward the kid audience but I wouldn't be surprised if the developers threw in some of the flavor from the Robert Downey Jr. film.
"Sherlock Holmes DS and The Mystery Of Osborne House" - Official Web Site Launched

With just two weeks before the game's release, Frogwares and Focus are pleased to announce the launch of the official Sherlock Holmes DS and the Mystery of Osborne House's website! At the site, you can test your logical skills with two exclusive puzzles and learn all about the game, as well as view new images featuring the famous detective in his latest investigation!

Specially designed for Nintendo's handheld system, They Mystery of the Osborn House lets you play as the famous detective Sherlock Holmes in this brand new big adventure as you are challenged to shed some light on very curious events. When Queen Victoria's genealogical records are stolen, the Royal Family decides to put you in charge of the case and asks you to solve this strange mystery.

As always, followed by your wise and faithful friend, Doctor Watson, you will have to use your logic and observation senses through dozens of riddles, puzzles and brain teasers of all sorts. You will travel through dozens of beautifully hand-drawn places, looking for clues and new mysteries. You will also meet many charismatic characters who will help you solve this strange case and finally discover the truth! Be sure to visit the new web site at www.sherlockholmesds.com.