E3 2010: Natal is Kinect says USA Today

by: John -
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Well, it doesn't get too much bigger than USA Today in these things but they have confirmed that Project Natal is now named Kinect. Just like the Xbox 360 slim ad that leaked the name, USA Today has put forth the news of the name before the event that takes place later today. USA Today also lists a few games that will be available as well on launch.

Some of the titles being brought forth will feature Disney and Star Wars characters so that will be interesting to see. Will we get a lightsaber game from LucasArts whereby allowing you to use any stick as a lightsaber? Will we get a Disney game where you are the sorcerer's apprentice allowing you to wield a magic wand?

Still no pricing information yet and I hope that the rumored $150 cost is not true. They really need to sell this thing at a cheap price to get mass adoption with it. Chuck should be giving us a report on the event as he will be attending it in a few hours.
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