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Sony de-contenting 20GB PS3?

by: Chuck -
First spotted this over at the Sports Gamer blog and verified by looking at the press release John just posted it looks like Sony has kind of pulled a fast one with giving us all the information about the 20gb version of the PS3.  Not only will you get the smaller hard drive but you aren't getting built-in wireless, HDMI output, or memory stick/compact flash/SD slots. While some gamers can probably live without the secondary slots and maybe even the wireless support the lack of HDMI out support is troubling as you kind of need that to watch Blu Ray movies due to the copy protection built into the HDMI standard.  Now Sony may have a way around this built into the console itself but that doesn't seem likely.  We'll try and follow-up with Sony on this when we meet with them on Wednesday but this really feels like dirty pool from Sony by not mentioning these details last night.