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Can NBA Elite 11 really bring me back in?

by: John -
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From this video, I say it has potential. Then again, I've heard the same things before and how they are making it better this year. I've always tried the demo of the NBA Live series and every time I've come away being less than happy with what I saw. The developer video for NBA Elite 11 promises to bring you more control over your player with the new hands on system where the left stick controls the feet and the right stick controls the hands. To what extent this will make controlling the character better, I guess I'll see at E3 next week.

The other feature mentioned in the video is real time physics. Real time physics can be both blessing and a curse so I'll have to see it up close and experience to know which is which. I'm still apprehensive about the series but I hope, as every year, EA does the right things to bring me back to their basketball game.