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Batting cleanup on Sony Press Conference

by: Chuck -
I'll get more info and some of the 100+ pictures I took tonight but the big news was of course at the end of the presentation
  • System will launch in Japan on November 11th followed by the US and Europe on November 17th
  • System will come in two SKU's, a 20GB hard drive and a 60 GB hard drive, and will retail for $499 and $599 respectively in the US
  • The new PS3 controller is a dual shock with a gyroscope of some sort allowing for 6 degrees of freedom - they showed a pretty cool demo of this with the new Warhawks game
  • The PS3 will be playable on the floor this week despite rumors to the contrary
All in all it was kind of a meh show until the end of the show.  I'll post some more once I get back to the hotel and collect my thoughts but it was about 2 hours of fluff with 10 minutes of really solid, really good info.