Force Unleashed 2? There’s a special edition for that...

by: Jeremy -
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Let’s be honest, there is pretty much a special edition for every major game release now days. Why should Star Wars- The Force Unleashed 2 be any different? It isn’t, which is why Lucasarts is now spilling the beans on the uber-package of the game available this coming October.

The special edition of Force Unleashed 2 will set you back $79.99 on both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 and contains the following:

-Steelbook case for the game
-3 exclusive challenge mode levels (in game)
-limited edition Deak Starkiller skin (in game)
-yellow lightsaber crystal (in game)
-2GB Mimbot USB drive with designed as Starkiller containing the following:
    -Force Unleashed II digital artbook
    -themed wallpapers
    -script penned by Haden Blackman.

Not a bad deal, as long as the USB drive actually works <cough, Splinter Cell, cough>.