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Reuters: Hulu becoming paid service on 360 and iPad

by: Jeremy -
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The rumors of an Xbox 360 version of Hulu continue to pick up steam this morning as Reuters is reporting that it has obtained details regarding a paid subscription service set to role out on both Apple’s Ipad and the Xbox 360 in the next couple of months. The article actually states that the service will be coming to “multiple” devices, but lists those two specifically throughout the write-up.

The rumored pay model being considered will allowing paying customers to access full episode listings for shows. The free version of Hulu, as we now know it, will continue to be offered but will limit the amount of episodes (previous 5 currently) offered through the service. Would you be willing to pay for unlimited access to all of your favorite shows? I would, but it really depends on the price. The price structure of the proposed service will no doubt make or break this initiative.

More information is expected to be revealed soon, possibly at Microsoft’s E3 keynote...
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