A new challenger emerges...

by: Jeremy -
More On: Street Fighter 4
Capcom offered Cammy as a free download for the iPhone version of Street Fighter IV just a little while ago and now they are preparing to offer another free fighter. Zangief will soon be available, free of charge, to owners of the game via a downloadable update.

The Russian Bear will make his iPhone debut on an “undisclosed date”, but Capcom notes that it will be “soon”. I think that it will be interesting to see how a character such as Zangief translates to the iPhone platform, mainly in terms of his controls. Zangief, and any other character who focuses on grapples (in my opinion) is hard enough to control on the standard joysticks, let alone within a touch interface. Capcom seems to have impressed many people with the control scheme used in the iPhone version of Street Fighter IV, so hopefully that trend will continue with Zangief.

Source: Andriasang