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Elemental to hit stores on August 24th

by: Chuck -
More On: Elemental: War of Magic
StarDock announced today that their latest game, Elemental:War of Magic, will be released on August 24,2010.  It's a fairly new epic strategy game that allows you to not only play the games that ship with the game but to create your own adventure to share with friends.  Check out this video which shows you a few of the things you'll be able to do in the game.

To celebrate the announcement you can now join the Elemental Army which unlike the Kiss Army won't force you to dress up and wear lots of make-up.  Instead you can sign-up online to learn how to play the game and start creating your own quests which could win you a bunch of cool prizes. 
The long-awaited and anticipated Elemental: War of Magic will be released on August 24, 2010. In Elemental, you are the sovereign. Your people need you. So-called “adventurers” have entered the forbidden dungeon of Ithyrl and unleashed the long-banished demon Kroxir, killing them in the process. Lord Ventir menaces your southern border with his army of death knights. The Sorceress Procipinee has claimed your northern cities as being part of her domain and the ancient beast Smarag has agreed to aid you if you recover her eggs, stolen by a party of adventurers. It’s all in a day’s work in Stardock’s new epic strategy game, Elemental: War of Magic: www.elementalgame.com.