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RUMOR: Hulu coming to the Xbox 360

by: John -
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Here's one that would make things interesting. Gear Live is saying that Microsoft will announce the availability of Hulu on Xbox Live at E3 in two weeks. If so, that would be great but I'm a little hesitant by what I read.

It's going to be a paid service which means I'll never use it on the Xbox 360. I know Hulu's been thinking about a paid portion of their site so I don't mind that but if it's free online, I'd like it to not be charged when viewing the same free content on the Xbox 360 as well. I'm currently using my Windows 7 Media Center with a Hulu plugin that someone wrote to watch and browse Hulu on my large screen TV so it's not like I'd be missing out on the experience if I didn't pay for it on the 360. 

We've got two weeks to go to see if this is true but it's a sort of good news/bad news thing as it stands right now. Let's hope that if Hulu does come to the 360, that it will allow the free content to still be free on the 360 and the paid content to be separate.