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First 3D PS3 games coming in 10 days

by: John -
June 10th will mark the day the PlayStation 3 will be getting their first 3D games. Wipeout HD, Stardust HD, and Pain will get patches to enable the game to be played in 3D on that day. More games are sure to come but those three will be the inaugural winners of supporting 3D on the console.

Additionally, later in the year the PlayStation 3 will be getting an update to play 3D Blu-rays. I've been scouting some pricing on 3D TVs and they aren't bad especially with the free kit that you can pick up. Still, I'm waiting on a bigger drop to jump in as I just finished paying off my 120Hz LCD TV so I'm not in any mood to start up another TV payment. Hopefully by the time I get into 3D on my TV, they'll have some better glasses out than they do now.