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Map Pack # 2 coming to Lost Planet 2 next week

by: Tina -
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June is fast approaching, and with it comes a new map pack to download for Lost Planet 2's multiplayer mode. The map pack - available June 1st on the PlayStation Store and June 2nd on Xbox Live for $4.99/400 Microsoft points - will reveal two new maps. Dockyard Battle allows for 16-player matches aboard a factory, while Frozen Wasteland sets players on snowy weather conditions. Take a look at a few screenshots below to get a sense of the environment available in this second map pack being made ready for download.

The intense multiplayer mayhem of Lost Planet 2 is getting even more explosive with two more maps coming next week! Map Pack #2 contains the Dockyard Battle and Frozen Wasteland maps and is hitting the PlayStation Store on June 1 and Xbox LIVE on June 2. The Dockyard Battle map drops 16-player multiplayer matches into the factory of the overland battleship of the campaign’s Episode 4. Frozen Wasteland brings back the snowy trenches and imposing tower of one of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition’s most popular maps. With fourteen total maps available for Lost Planet 2 owners, there is a map for every style of play. Map Pack #2 is available for $4.99 or 400 Microsoft points.