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Anthony Horowitz titles coming to DSiWare

by: Sean Colleli -
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Anthony Horowitz, author of the best-selling Alex Rider series, is writing some new horror stories for DSiWare. They'll be hosted on the EA FLIPS service, which sells books in digital format for reader devices like the DS. What's more, these new books will be available on DSiWare before they're published in paper form later this year.

I think it's interesting that EA is adapting the DS into an ebook reader of sorts, and I have a feeling we'll see a lot more of this on the 3DS as it competes with Apple's products and the Kindle for portable entertainment dollars. Right now the only significant way to read ebooks on your DS is by using a flash card, so it will be nice to have a first party standard.

Prepare to be scared as EA launches three horror stories by bestselling author Anthony Horowitz, exclusively to EA FLIPS on Nintendo DSiWare.

For the first time ever, you’ll be able to read the three new macabre stories by No. 1 bestselling author Anthony Horowitz, ahead of the horror collection being published in book form by Walker Books this September. As part of the range of titles from EA FLIPS, you are now able to download this exclusive content from the Nintendo DSi Shop today.

Anthony Horowitz commented, “I think it's great that my horror stories are going to be available on the DSiWare service. It's the best of both worlds...the fun and interactivity of a computer game combined with the pleasure of reading. This is definitely the way forward."

Anthony Horowitz’s three stories from MORE BLOODY HOROWITZ will be available on EA FLIPS - a range of interactive books aimed at children, combining all the fun of the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi console with the educational benefits of a good read.

So get ready to be gripped by the combination of drama and puzzles in More Bloody Horowitz, available to download exclusively on Nintendo DSiWare today for 200 DSi points. For more information and to download assets click here.

About Anthony Horowitz

Anthony Horowitz is best known as the creator of reluctant teenage superspy Alex Rider ( 2010 marks 10 years of the global phenomenon that is Alex Rider. The Alex Rider books have not only achieved impressive sales (over 12 million copies in the UK alone, with translation into 28 languages) but fundamentally changed boys’ attitudes to reading. In 2006, the first Alex Rider adventure, STORMBREAKER, hit movie screens worldwide. June 2010 sees paperback publication of the new Alex Rider adventure, CROCODILE TEARS. In addition to being a bestselling author, Anthony is an acclaimed screenwriter, guaranteed to pull in TV’s biggest audiences for the shows he creates and writes, including MIDSOMER MURDERS, FOYLE’S WAR and COLLISION. In whichever medium, Horowitz delivers gripping, high quality family entertainment and the tales in MORE BLOODY HOROWITZ offer macabre fun for the whole family – think “TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED” with a slash of Tarantino!


FLIPS has been designed to give children of all ages a fun new way to read their favorite books. EA has worked with some of the UK’s leading publishers of children's books and magazines, including Egmont and Penguin Publishing, to bring modern classic titles from critically acclaimed authors such as Cathy Cassidy, Eoin Colfer, Enid Blyton, and the various writers from the popular boys series, ‘Too Ghoul for School’ to the DS. Individual stories from the range are now available on Nintendo DSiWare for 200DSi points each. Compilations are also available for the Nintendo DS at all good retailers.
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