Force Unleashed 2 story and pics unveiled

by: Jeremy -
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There has been a lot of news and mention about Lucasart’s Star Wars: the Force Unleashed 2 recently, but I can assure you that the media blitz that will likely surround the game hasn’t even gotten started. The title will likely have a very large showing at this year’s E3 conference, but until then, a recent interview and preview from NowGamer is providing us with the most in depth information on the title to date.

The sequel to the modern day classic Force Unleashed will continue the story arc surrounding everyone’s favorite Sith apprentice, Starkiller. The game will be set approximately six months after the conclusion of the first title and at the height of the Emire’s rule over the Galaxy. While the exact details are scarce, it is being hinted that Starkiller will soon begin to question his existence due to fear(s) that he may be nothing more than a Clone, a fear deeply rooted in hints given to him from Master Vader. The main writer of the game, Hayden Blackman, promises that the title will be as dark as the first game but will approach a personal aspect of the character(s).

NowGamer is also hosting the first official (exclusive) screenshots of them game, which can be found at their website.