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Ultimate driving controller discovered (actually using a car)

by: Chuck -
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I've been saving this post about the folks at Carlab turning an 09 VW Schirocco into a game for a lazy Sunday and since it's Sunday and I'm feeling lazy here's it is.  It turns out that just by a little hacking into the control box for the car a little bit you can gain access to all the information about the car and it's various inputs.  Add in a little bit of elbow grease and you can turn it into the best PC simulator controller of all time.  Check out the video:

Keep in mind that they didn't do a lot to the car to get this to work, just a little bit of tinkering with the diagnostics in the car, some custom software and it was up and running.  Your mileage may vary by the kind of car you get but this is still pretty cool stuff.

Hat tip to Autoblog for the find.
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