Official launch trailer for Red Dead Redemption

by: Chad -
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It's only a few days away.  Red Dead Redemption will be released on May 18 and Rockstar released the "Official Launch Trailer" today.  I am still wondering why this wasn't released on May 18 but oh well.  Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

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Today we proudly reveal the Red Dead Redemption Official Launch Trailer. With the release days away, this full length trailer whets the appetite and only offers a small glimpse into this living, breathing environment. This thrilling trailer takes you to the slowly modernizing towns of New Austin to the revolution south of the border and introduces you to the eclectic characters John Marston meets on his journey.

The music in our official launch trailer - as with all of the trailers for Red Dead Redemption - comes from the game’s official score and soundtrack as composed by critically acclaimed recording artists Bill Elm and Woody Jackson. Red Dead Redemption’s lush and emotive dynamic score captures the haunting sound of the dying American West and Mexico at the turn of the century. Filled with sweeping strings, martial timpani, and piercing horns, this music was performed on authentic instruments of the period, and evolves as you pass through each of the game’s three huge territories. Produced by David Holmes, the soundtrack album also features exclusive tracks from contemporary artists Jamie Lidell, Jose Gonzalez, Ashtar Command and William Elliot Whitmore.