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Bad Company 2 gets its own horde mode, consoles only at the moment

by: Chuck -
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A day after revealing that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has sold more than five million copies the folks at EA have released a new mode for the Xbox 360 and PC version of the game.  Called Onslaught, the new mode has four players battling it out against waves of enemies.  Here's a short trailer that shows you what you can expect to see in the new mode:

If you're wondering why the PC version of the game is getting stiffed of the new version at launch you should check out this thread on the game's forum where one of the DICE community managers mentions the following:

The problem we have on PC is that all our servers are dedicated with providers. Changing a server from Conquest 32 players to Onslaught 4 players cuts out 28 player slots from the total amount available. This could have a dramatic affect on the PC online environment if enough servers changed to Onslaught.

Honestly I'm not too disappointed that the PC version won't be getting the new mode as I play Bad Company 2 for the large scale battles and this seems to run counter to that.  I'm guessing we'll see this released for the PC version at some point but I hope that it doesn't hurt the very rich, very awesome online community for the game.  I'm not just saying this because I finally unlocked the last weapon in the Assault class and need some n00bs to use it on. 

Big hat tip to Shacknews for the heads up on the details of the PC version.