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The world prepares for Super Mario Galaxy 2

by: Jeremy -
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We are just a few short weeks away from the launch of Nintendo’s Super Mario Galaxy 2. The gaming industry has been buzzing with all of the latest news and information on the title over the past couple of weeks; there have been just too many stories and updates to keep track of. As we get ready to take Mario on his latest adventure, check out some of the latest tidbits about the game that have been released recently:

-Luigi is playable: Mario’s lovable, lanky brother Luigi will be playable in the game, and not just as a bonus. While the exact details of what it takes to play as the green-guy, he is said to be included much earlier than just as a reward for collecting all of the stars in the game. Rumors are swirling though that someone else may be playable if you collect them all. Who could that be?

-Instructional DVD included: We told you about this already. The game will include an instructional DVD to introduce newcomers to the world of Mario games.

-2 player cooperative mode: The game will support 2 players in a manner very similar to the first game. Just like the original Super Mario Galaxy, the second player can use the Wiimote to gather starbits from around the screen for the main player. Super Mario Galaxy 2 takes this feature a bit further though. Accompanying players can now freeze and attack enemies and environmental obstacles in order to assist the main player. Players need only point the Wiimote at an enemy or obstacle and press the A button in order to freeze it in place. They can then shake the Wiimote to perform a damaging spin attack to either dispense of the enemy or set the environmental obstacle back into motion.

-Hint television: The player(s) will occasionally stumble upon a monitor in various stages which they can interact with in order to view videos that show them how to either progress through a certain part of the stage or perhaps perform a new ability.

-Helper Witch: Remember the guide mode that existed in New Super Mario Bros. Wii? Well, it is sort of back for Galaxy 2; this time it comes in the form of a helper witch though. If a player dies a specific number of times on a level, a special witch will appear that will giude them through the rest of the stage. The star that you are awarded at the end of the stage is not a full fledged star though, it is just a bronze one. Players will have to replay and complete the stage on their own to earn the actual completion star, but at least they will then know what they need to do to complete their goal(s).

All of this information was released on the official Japanese Super Mario Galaxy 2 page. You can also check out some of the newest art and screenshots of the game below:

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