Don’t worry Chuck: Metro 2033 was profitable

by: Jeremy -
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According to THQ CEO Brian Farrell, THQ’s sci-fi narrative (my personal classification) Metro 2033 has turned a profit for the company. While Farrell did not provide any specific numbers, he cited the success of the title as being a major contributor to the fourth quarter sales growth of the company in a recent earning’s call for the company.

Farrell did note that a majority of the sales of Metro 2003 did occur in Europe and could be accounted for by the PC version of the game. According to the Xbox 360 version has sold about 200,000 units worldwide. The profitability of the game is attributed to the low-cost development model that was used in its development.

Both Chuck and I have were thoroughly impressed with the game and felt it was / is on that should definitely not be overlooked in this year of blockbuster games.  You can check out our full review of the title here.