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LG bundling 3D TVs with 3D capable Xbox 360s?

by: John -
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At least that's what it says here in LG's Flickr page. LG's putting out four LED 3D TVs that can come bundled with Xbox 360s. In the picture, you can see two people playing a 360 with the familiar dual image on the screen that gets merged into one when you put on the active shutter glasses.

Two things though. One, we haven't heard anything from Microsoft about any 3D capabilities of the Xbox 360. Seeing as that you have to render each scene twice, that puts a lot of strain on the GPU so a lot of modern games would have to turn down things such as resolution or texture size to make it run at an acceptable speed. There has never been a hint that Microsoft was considering 3D in the 360 though. Two, I'm wondering why two people are holding controllers like they are playing when what's shown on the screen is a single player FPS. 

In any case, this is an interesting little development and one that we'll have to keep an eye on. Thanks Engadget.

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