Microsoft Saudi Marketing Manager says Natal in October (updated - not so much)

by: John -
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If you want a month that Natal will be available for purchase, look no further than the video below as Microsoft Saudi Marketing Manager E&D Syed Bilal Tariq says October will be the month you can grab the camera. He also says that we'll get more info at E3 as well.

Microsoft has a Natal event planned on Sunday before E3, which Chuck is going to. Hopefully, we can narrow it down to the day the hardware launches. It seems so long ago that Natal was unveiled but we're coming near the end with a definitive release. I'm anxious to see how it does up close and what will be coming out to support the camera as well.

Thanks GamerTagRadio.

Update (Chuck) - The folks over at The Cut Scene blog have checked with Aaron Greenberg from Microsoft and he's never heard of the guy so consider this rumor debunked.  That said the October/November timeframe does make a lot of sense for a release date.

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