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Tyrannis draws closer, new trailer launched

by: Chad -
More On: EVE Online
EVE Online is only two weeks away from its thirteenth expansion, Tyrannis.  Much has been said about the expansion already but the biggest addition is planetary interaction.  The strategy has reached a new level and is taken to the surface of individual planets.  Look for EVE Online: Tyrannis on May 18 but hopefully this trailer will hold you over until then!

Less than two weeks (May 18!) from the launch of EVE Online's 13th expansion, EVE: Online Tyrannis, the full length HD trailer is now available on our CCPGames YouTube page, the Tyrannis feature page and for download on the Tyrannis videos page.

Please feel free to share these links, embed the YouTube video and download away. We think it did a good job of hinting at the strength of the expansion as well as explaining what sets EVE's sandbox-style gameplay apart from most other games.