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First Pearl Harbor Trilogy teaser is frenetic

by: Sean Colleli -
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The cel-shaded intro threw me for a loop for a second, but it looks like Pearl Harbor Trilogy 1941: Red Sun Rising will have a realistic graphical style after all, and an impressive one at that for a WiiWare title. It looks like a competent flight combat game in the tradition of something like Rogue Squadron, and there is currently a shortage of good aerial war games on the Wii right now so I'm looking forward to this one.

New Teaser Video for Pearl Harbor Trilogy – 1941: Red Sun Rising for WiiWare™

Don your flight jacket and buckle up for some action-packed video!

Gothenburg, Sweden, April 29th, 2010 – Legendo Entertainment, an independent publisher of computer and video games, is thrilled to release a new teaser video for their highly anticipated air-combat action game, Pearl Harbor Trilogy – 1941: Red Sun Rising. The video offers a glance of the game’s action-packed gameplay and aerial combat.

Pearl Harbor Trilogy – 1941: Red Sun Rising is the first title in a trilogy of air-combat action games for the Wii™. In the premiere game, which will be available soon on WiiWare™, players will be dropped into the cockpit of famous World War II aircraft and thrown into contested air battles of the Pacific Theater such as Pearl Harbor, Wake Island and Guadalcanal.

Pearl Harbor Trilogy – 1941: Red Sun Rising has been rated T for Teen (Violence) by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), PEGI 12 (Europe), USK 6 (Germany) and AGCB PG Mild Violence (Australia and New Zealand).

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About Legendo Entertainment
Legendo Entertainment is an independent publisher and developer of computer and video games based on myths, legends, classic novels and historical events. Though its headquarters are located in Sweden, Legendo uses a distributed development model employing top talent from across the world. Legendo currently publishes and develops for the PC and Nintendo’s Wii system.