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A quick note to Bungie regarding their next game

by: Chuck -
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Dear Bungie folks,
First off, congrats on the big deal with Activision and the awesomeness that is the Halo:Reach beta.  I played a little bit of it this morning and even though I only spent about twenty minutes with it I can tell that you've further refined everything that made the Halo series.

I'd like to ask you for a favor though.  Could you please temper the expectations of your new game and IP?  We're already hearing that the game is not going to be showing up at E3 this year so there's no real need to whip they hype machine into too much of a frenzy.  However when you make statements like "This is an opportunity for us to try to do it all again, but even better and bigger this time" you set expectations super high, possibly even to the level where you can't meet those expectations even if the game is super, duper awesome. 

I know it's hard to not feed the hype wheel right now but let's temper expectations as this time around you're not only going to have to deal with PS3 owners as well as your core Xbox 360 audience.

This is just a humble request, feel free to disregard it.
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