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Think fast! Another 4 hour Steam sale

by: Chad -
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Today's sale is tempting.  Click over to Steam before 11:00AM PST to purchase the Max Payne Bundle for only $3.74.  It includes both Max Payne and Max Payne 2.  That's less than a value meal!  

If you already own the series or aren't a fan of action, Codemasters is slashing prices on 5 different racing games.  This sale runs all weekend.  The titles included in this special offer are available at a 75% discount from the regular price.  If you want them individually, you can purchase them by clicking on the price below.  (I made it easy for you!)

DiRT - $2.50
Colin McRae DiRT 2 - $9.99
FUEL - $3.74
GRID - $6.24
ToCA Race Driver 3 - $2.49

Or you can grab them all in the Codemasters Racing Pack for only $17.50.  That's a pretty solid offer!