ESRB leaks another game...

by: Jeremy -
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Oh, you crazy ESRB.. you just cannot keep a game secret can you? Yet another game has been uncovered thanks to the software ratings board... Sid Meier's Pirates for the Nintendo Wii.

The now classic game has had quite a run since its initial release back in 2004, hitting new consoles all of the time. I guess that we can now add the Wii to its resume as well.

Sid Meier's Pirates, if you have not played it, is a surprisingly addictive pirate simulation that can be played almost indefinitely. I know that I spent countless hours on the release for the original Xbox system and would gladly get back into it on the Wii. The Wii platform will also offer lots of potential for new control schemes with its motion controls that would fit right in with the swashbuckling adventure theme.