Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers gets a new feature

by: Tina -
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A new feature has been added to the Red Dead Redemption Facebook app known as Gunslingers. The feature – Nemeses & Patsies – names the players with either the highest win record against you in duels or the player with the lowest ratio against you. Now you know who to challenge next, and who you can call out on for losing the most against you. If I still had a Facebook, I might just play this game.
Rockstar Games is happy to present Nemeses & Patsies, a brand new feature for the Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers app on Facebook. Now you can see right on your Gunslingers Profile page who is your: NEMESIS, the player who has the highest win record ratio against you in duels. Challenge and beat them repeatedly to tip the scales back in your favor. If you can beat them enough times, you can turn them into your Patsy! Your PATSY is the player you constantly out-shoot time and again - based on highest win ratio in your favor in duels.

Login to Facebook today and challenge your friends and see who knows how to handle his gun, and who you can call your Patsy.